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Das sagen meine Hörer auf Insighttimer:
"Lots of fun, colorful images and lights in my head. Very energizing and transporting. Loved it."
"Beautiful and grounding. Thank you. "
"This was fun. I had a head full of circles and floating balloons. With a yellow background. Loved the sensations the sounds gave out. Thank you."
"Very calming, accompanied by subtle physical sensations. Thank you."
"Keeping fingers crossed you will do the other elements. That was amazing, forgot where I was & drifted away to another place, beautiful "
"The element, Fire, the heart beat, the drumbeat, the primal howls. I look forward to your interpretations of the four other elements. Thank you"
"Beautiful composition. I could see a longer version being trance inducing due to the drumming. Thank you for sharing your gift. With love and gratitude."
"I love this meditation sound. It took me on such an awesome journey. Reminds me how even fire is beautiful and serves its purpose"
"This is beautiful. I feel like i,m in a wood sitting round a lovely log fire listening to the music with the wolves howling in the distance. Thank you."